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Kia ora and welcome to our footage library.

This free resource provides a variety of footage for media and travel trade to help promote New Zealand as a holiday destination. You will find footage that showcases the New Zealand landscapes, people and activities that you can experience right here in Aotearoa.

Please note this footage is not available for use in paid advertising campaigns unless you are a partner of Tourism New Zealand. We suggest you visit 90seconds, Destination Content, nzstockfootage, or Peter Young Stock Footage for commercial video content on New Zealand.

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Raw footage

If you want footage that you can edit and add into your finished project, you’ll need ‘raw footage’.

Promotional DVD

If you need an entire piece of footage that promotes New Zealand as a holiday destination, and you’re not making any changes to it, you will need the TNZ promotional DVD’. This finished reel is an ideal introduction for presentations or trade show background footage, for example.